Distributing Gifts to Over 100MM Premier Customers

GiftCodes® enables you to create a branded dollar gift (ex. $10 gift to X Brand), which is digitally distributed through our publisher network at points of goodwill and thank you moments. All GiftCodes® can be redeemed in a brick and mortar store or online!

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A Gift for the Occasion

Delivering Gift Codes to Millions of Quality Customers

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We can get you going with nothing more than assets you already have!

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What do you want to gift our users with?


We give you specs you give us artwork.


We put your gift in front of millions of quality customers.

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How Does It Work?


We create a dollar amount or specific item that will be Giftized® to users


We distribute your gift across digital channels (Creating brand awareness)


Giftized® user enters their email and we deliver the gift via email.
(Driving a call-to-action)


The user then uses their gift towards their online or instore purchase
(An extra opportunity to drive consumer engagement)


Ability to remarket user