Deliver Gifts to Increase Revenue

We provide publishers with new ways to monetize their users. By giving digital gifts we compliment your existing monetization strategies including IAB ad and standard ad units. This creates an entirely new revenue stream across your existing strategies.

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A Product for Every Need

GiftBox Taboola Style IAB Ad Unit Email Capture

New Revenue

We don’t replace existing ad units

Deliver Happiness

Associate your site with positive sentiment by giving Gifts


Users return for more gifts

Getting Started is Easy!

We can get you going with nothing more than assets you already have!


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How Does It Work?


GiftConnect® curates gifts for you to Giftize®


Place gifts across any of your digital footprint (Where you want to make money!)

  • Email/Newsletter ("Your Friday Gift Awaits")
  • Video ("Thanks for watching! Here is a gift!")
  • Website (Replace standard ads!)
  • Blog (Send gifts related to your blog!)
  • Social ("Sports Fan - Get a Gift!")

Consumers will preview and stream music when exposed to GiftTracks®


Rinse and Repeat!